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How a brand can optimize its SEO strategy on Baidu?

Keyword Audit

Keyword audits are an important first step to developing an effective Baidu SEO strategy

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High quality backlinks to improve your ranking on search engines

Website Optimization

Website Optimized for Baidu & Appealing to Chinese users

Mandarin SEO Content

Generate more business by using our SEO copywriting services that convert

Undercover SEO

Use Chinese Q&A to keep your company near the top of search engines

Baidu Paid Ads

Invest in paid search advertising to increase your organic rankings

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Baidu SEO Strategy

Optimize & Localize for China

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Backlinks & Press Releases

If you wish to thrive in the competitive world of Chinese search engines, it is crucial that you first understand your competitors. A keywords audit will help identify what others are doing and how they position themselves among other sites so as not to duplicate their efforts or miss out on any potential opportunity for growth. A Baidu marketing strategy can't be set up without understanding who else occupies a similar niche within this market sector - conduct research through monitoring keyword rankings with an audit tool!

Baidu is China's most popular search engine. It supports only Chinese, and prefers websites in Mandarin over any other language. Baidu also has strict requirements for SEO optimization that will affect your website ranking on the platform (aka no google pluggings). In order to rank on Baidu's SERP (search engine results page), you need to make sure the site is hosted in mainland china or neighboring countries, has content written entirely in mandarin characters with no transliteration of English whatsoever, and optimized for use by both PCs and mobile phones as well as localized to locals users UX habits.

Quality content is a priority for anyone seeking the coveted ranking of their chosen keywords on Baidu. Keywords are competitive and original, high-quality articles will make all the difference in your quest to rank higher than other sites. GMA has a top-notch team of experts who have 9+ years in the search engine optimization industry. They know how to create compelling SEO content that ranks on Baidu, and they are passionate about making your business stand out online with qualitative rankable material.

When it comes to building your e-reputation in China, backlinks and press releases are still some of the most cost-efficient solutions. It's a win-win situation that will give you long-lasting results! We have an extended network of bloggers and journalists with whom we have been working for years, allowing us to offer quality PR at a great price. Avail our Baidu SEO service to reach the very pinnacle of the corporate ladder.

Baidu SEO – Frenquently Asked Question

What is Baidu ?

Baidu is the most powerful search engine in China, but also the most used with more than 60% of the market shares. Have you ever heard of this Chinese expression: “Baidu yi xia ba” (the equivalent of “google it”)
If you want to break into the Chinese market, Baidu SEO is a must step and a must-have. However, Baidu is really different from Google, if you want to know more, you can contact us

Are backlinks necessary to rank my website on Baidu?

Yes, backlinks are absolutely necessary when doing SEO China Baidu. Is gonna help with your website trust rank and authority on the search engine. Depending on the competition in your industry we suggest 50-150 backlinks. It will not only help your website rank higher on Baidu but also improve your e-reputation as you’ll be quoted by numerous specialized media outlets in your industry.

Can your agency guaranty Baidu SEO results?

Yes! Baidu China search engine optimization was the first service we ever sold and we have become a master in it. We guaranty that 50% of your chosen Keywork will rank on Baidu’s 1st page after 1 month of the campaign.

What is the price of Baidu SEO services?

Our price starts at 500€ per month to 2500€ for ambitious keywords.

How many SEO project have you done?

We have done more than 400  SEO projects in 9 years.

Do you also do Baidu Zhidao , Baike, Tieba ?

Yes, Baidu Zhidao, Baidu Baike, and Baidu Tieba are part of the Baidu ecosystem and they are excellent at driving traffic to your website and obviously because they belong to Baidu they tend to rank higher.

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